Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what time is it?

I have no idea and it feels wonderful. To the Balinese it seems that there is no such thing as time, and it's contagious. The people are nice and the food is so good. This is only day 3 and I've already forgotten about the fast paced life I just left behind. Bingin Beach is where are now and just down the beach is a place called Dreamland where a large resort sits and awaits bus loads of tourists... only if they knew about the little piece of paradise sitting quietly that's just a short walk down the beach. Tomorrow we head to the Gili Islands, no motorized vehicles are allowed on any of the islands and we hope to get a beach front bungalow for just half the price of our room now. Not sure when we'll have internet again...


  1. Just watched a very cool video on youtube about Bingin Beach. Could see how beautiful it is and the amazing surfing waves. Which Warung are you staying at? He recommended one that looked beautiful for $15/night. Also amazing!!

  2. This is incredible!! Reading your blog is getting me so pumped for my trip. I am your number one fan right now!! Enjoy paradise!!