Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 3

After 3 days in Bali I look like a lobster and feel like fried chicken. I'm sore all over from attempting to surf, and can barely sleep because of the time difference. Our room is on the beach, and at high tide the waves crash against our balcony. Which is amazing most of the time, except for the fact that high tide is from midnight to 5am.
All that said, this is Paradise. Dramatic 40 meter cliff walls meet the ocean, and at high tide it is hard t0 believe a town is hidden there somewhere. A town lightly populated with nice locals, surf bums, and some of the most delicious, cheap, and fresh seafood I have ever had.
Dinner every night has been a beach side table with snapper, shrimp, and squid cooked over an open flame with a side of rice, veggies, and the spiciest condiments i can find.
The days are spent trying to catch a wave, or just wading in the ocean watching the waves go by in the warm turquoise water of the Java Sea.

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  1. Such a wonderful description. I can hear the waves. So glad to know you arrived safe and sound.