Monday, May 2, 2011

Hong Kong

The dreaded 14 hr flight from San Fran to Hong Kong surprisingly went well, thanks to our friends xanax and ambien.
Besides the different languanges saying the same message over the PA and the few people walking around with masks on their faces, this aiport looks just like any other airport in America. Looking out the window makes me wonder what these cloud covered mountains are that sourround us.
With bellies full ramen and udon we sit and wait for the last leg of our trip to commence to finally bring us to paradise.
Rory is jittery with excitement while mine comes on slowly, maybe because it has yet to hit me or maybe because my ambien friend has yet to wear off... either way we are now on the other side of the world with nothing, but our backbacks, a guide book (which I hope to lose along the way), our western sense of curiousity - here's to living a dream.

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