Saturday, May 14, 2011


Day 3 Krabi was an amazing and very a tiring day.  We took a long tail boat (named after the long rudder in order to reach shallow waters) to Railay Bay - what a beautiful scene.  Limestone outcrops were scattered all over the bay, some small and some massive with caves from top to bottom.  We found a beach with not too many people with white sand and warm water on top with cool water below.  Only downside was while we were enjoying the incredible scene that enveloped us, a jellyfish tried to wrap it's tenticles around Rory's leg... serenity diminished and panic ensued.  Luckily enough the locals knew of a plant that they crushed up to numb the pain.  We watched a storm start small out in the distance and slowly make its way towards us, an awesome sight - clear, blue skies over greenblue waters with a dark and mysterious gray slowly engulping tiny boats into its rainy shroud.  It reaches us and cools us all down, soon it passes and we are off to explore the bay.  We rent a sea kayak and paddle into some dark and kind of scary caves, waves crashing inside sounding like a monsterous voice calling to us.  Limestone stelactites loom above like hands trying to reach down to grab us.  All of it looking like a science fiction movie. 

Temple from the top

Temple from the bottom
We meet a nice German couple on the ride back to Krabi who are on a 6 month vacation (oh how I wish!)  and Richard, an older english gentleman on a year long vacation.  We share a taxi with Richard to the tiger temple, a temple sitting on top of a mountain that requires you to climb over 1,300 steps!  Of course Richard reaches the top way ahead of us.  On the way up we see a monk (all the monks do the climb daily) gingerly skipping down the dangerously steep steps.  The reward at the top was well worth the soreness we'll be having tomorrow, besides the enourmous gold Buddah perched up on a pedestal,  a 360 degeree, panoramic view of what Richard imagined "to be what the surface of the moon looks like, without the trees of course."  Absolutely stunning!  The Andaman Sea in one direction with ourcoppings scattered until they disappeared into the haze and trees, lots and lots of trees in all other directions.  "Isn't it amazing how the trees grow even on the steepest faces, they just find the smallest cravices to latch on to."  Richard says while looking at the massive peices of limestones jutting out of the ground around us.  He leaves us to attack the decent and we stay to take in the view one last time.  The way up was strenous for the legs, but the way down was terrifying for the heart.  Sometimes you would look down and see steps in the form of a ladder, thank goodness for the railing!  Drenched in sweat with shaky legs, all 3 of us jump into the taxi and head back to town. 
We look into our transporstation for our next stop, Khao Sok National Park, and head into the night market for our last dinner in Krabi.  I discover that there's a Thai version of a favorite Filipino dessert, Halo Halo which literally means "mix mix".  I didn't have it this time, but instead indulged in Thai pancakes, basically a Thai version of crepes,  I had nutella on mine mmmm....
Now tired, sticky and full of food we are back at the "mansion" (most of the hotels here are named something something mansion) ready for a good nights sleep.

*We are not allowed to plug in our camera on this computer so pics will be added soon*       


  1. Beautifully written, Hope. We have been so excited to follow your trip. You are making it come alive for us. We are so happy for you and now are very excited to join you!!!

  2. How is Rory after his run in with the jellyfish?

  3. This looks other-worldly...reminds me of the land in Avatar

  4. Rory, can't believe the leg muscles in the shot of you petting the cubs. Scary! This earth is so different/amazing/spectacular/unique from anything I imagined. All is just incredible. Keep the pictures coming. Luv you guys, Jim