Saturday, May 7, 2011


Wow! What a wonderful piece of the world. No motorized vehicles, just carts driven by mini horses, and cats... tiny little cats everywhere. We are now on a the Gili Islands - Gili Trawangan - the largest of the 3 and dubbed the "party" island. despite the fact that when we got here a torrential downpour started, it was still booming with life... back packers coming and going and most not minding the rain which cooled things off a bit. Just a couple hours by fast boat and we're in a whole different world from the tiny, cliff-side community of Bingin. The beach, white sand, the water a clear turquoise blue and the vibe, still slow, but definitely down to party. If we're not hearing bob marley, we're hearing house or the latest rhiana or an Indonesian version of comfortably numb. This place might be hard to leave...

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